File Requests!!! (Yo Mavis)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by AcidBurN, Jul 11, 2002.

  1. AcidBurN

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    I lost this file if somebody has it contact me thru msn on thx in advance....

    Here's the link of the preview of the file (Thugger's Office XP Collection) i'm requesting:

    And where can I download the aqua osx wmp 8 icons... so i can convert thm myself....

    And Mavis I need ur edited custom mmx icons cuz the link is deAD!!!!!!

    PEACE OUT.....
  2. Iceman

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    I think Jewelzz said something about keeping those cause Mavis moved to Japan. Not sure though.

    those icons can probably be found here

  3. Jewelzz

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    I'm hosting mavis' sig and I'm pretty sure that's all I have. I'll take a look tonight when I get home. AcidBurN: If I have what you're looking for, I'll contact you.

    [Edit] As for getting a hold of mavis, he's living in Japan and doesn't have a computer readily available at the moment. [/Edit]
  4. mavis

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    what's up everybody!

    Just stopped by the forums and saw your post, acidburn - unfortunately, my stuff is all offline now, like I told you all in May :)

    Anyway, I've got a PC now, and internet access (here in Tokyo) but unfortunately it's my girlfriend's old laptop, a 450MHz Celeron!! Worst part is, it's running Win98!! lol

    The good news is, I have a fast internet connection, and I brought my entire icon collection on CDR, the only problem is uploading it. My ISP's web interface is all Japanese, which is a problem, being that I can't understand ANY of it. lol :)

    I'm two weeks away from starting my first job here, and I expect to have a new system built by the end of September. I will be running WinXP at that time (of course!) and will definately resume my icon work then. I will also work on hosting some of my files at that time, although I will be much more particular about what I put up, as I only have 5-10MB to work with, as opposed to the 70MB I had in Seattle... :(

    In any case, if you want to email me I can probably file transfer the icons I made, otherwise everything should be back online in a couple of months. You will definately be seeing more of me here at xp-erience at that time, as well (right now, it's actually kind of depressing coming here - for the first time since Oct 25 last year, I'm jealous of all you WinXP users!! LOL) :)

    bye / mavis

    ps jewelzz, thanks for the explanation as to my whereabouts! I greatly appreciate you hosting my screenie and sig, too - !! Anyway, I'll try to keep you all posted in the mod forum - but again, I appreciate all of your help...!!
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  6. Grandmaster

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    Santa Clara, CA
    cool. Welcome back Mavis! :D
  7. mavis

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    hey guys!!

    Unfortunately, I'm not 100% back quite yet ... No WinXP and a PC too weak to run Photoshop ... lol. But, soon! I'm thinking of using the credit card for my new PC, should speed things up a bit ... :D