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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Peter_CapeTown, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. I've been able to figure out most things in XP since I upgraded from ME last year however I am still confused about why the file search always takes such a long time to do. In 98, 95 even Win3.1 or DOS a file search took seconds but here it takes minutes to search one small partition. I use 3rd party applets like PowerDesk File Finder and that does the job in seconds but surely Windows can do the same thing with the same efficiency? Thanks :).
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    One thing that may be causing slow searches is if your running a virus software that does real time scanning, like PC-cillin. As your computer searches through your hard drive the scanner is also scanning every file that your system looks at causing a major slowdown. At least this is what was causing slow searches on my comp.
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    One reason the search can take time is if you do an advanced search (hidden/system files etc.) this slows it right down!!

    Try that utility that alan suggested, it's good.

  5. It's a nice utility all right. Pity that Windows can't do fast searches though. Someone said maybe it's because I have a Virus scanner loaded, well I do have NAV loaded but other utilities take seconds to find files, u know like when Rocket Retriever does it's scan in the beginning and the disks make that noise as the prog scans the directory tree. Still a nice applet - thanks for the suggestion. Happy new Year! :)