File Caching in Media Player 8

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bodie, Jul 28, 2002.

  1. bodie

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    I would like to know where Windows Media Player 8 caches or stores all it's media files once played. My WMP V8 seems to have stored allot of temp files somewhere and can't seem to find them under the current user profile

    C:\Documents and Settings\$user$\recent documents, etc or elsewhere.

    These files still remain listed under the "File" drop down menu of WMP 8 and I think are starting to cause some performance issues.

    Does anyone know where these temp files are written to so I can delete these temp files??
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    there is a tweak somewhere on this site that tells you the registry settings to change that. you can set the media player to not list any last used files.

    I assume your trying to hide all the porn vids that u watch from others?


  3. Hipster Doofus

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    I have not tried this

    If this is what you are after:

    Media Player - Privacy Tweak

    To remove the media Player history:
    1. Click Start --> Run and type regedit
    2. Navigate to this Directory called "RecentFileList" and click on it:
    3. Right click on each key in the right window, and choose delete. i.e File 0, File 1 etc
    4. Also check the folder below it called "RecentURLList" and do the same.
    To prevent Media Player from entering more data in the list:
    1. Click Start --> Run and type regedit
    2. Navigate to this Directory :
    3. In the right window double click on the key called "AddToMRU"
    4. Double click that key and set the value to 00 (two zeros).
  4. bodie

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    Thanks for the tip Hip, all fixed.