Fight the most opressive ACT before it gets passed SSSCA!

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Wrz, Mar 6, 2002.

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    lol, i think not.

    id like to see them pull that off, no one will ever tell me what to do with my property, that would never hold up in court. i could turn right around and sue them for illeagaly putting stuff on my system. the us would have to go against all citezens to do that.
    as well as making america nolonger a free country.that would cause a civil war.and the government, and police agencies would wind up being very outnumbered.:rolleyes:
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    Here's a link to the proposed legislation:

    After reading it I'm not too worried about it... I don't make money pirating anything so I'd only break the law by disabling the policeware... and then I'm pretty sure a case can be made by making the government prove this (from thier own law): Only someone who violates the law "willfully and for purposes of commercial advantage or private financial gain" can be convicted.
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    Oppressive act

    :mad: sounds like Big Brother is watching you.I would like to sign your petition, but I live in Scotland.
    We shall see if it is proposed here, then we wil give it Hell.
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    What will they think of next...Makes me glad that I'm Canadian and that I don't have to put up with crap like that....

    Best of Luck to all Americans Fight Back this law is Unfair....

    After Responding to this thread I came across more articules about this on other sites and felt that I should add this to what I had all ready said.

    To me I think that the events of 9-11 should never be forgotten but not at the cost of having ones civil rights completely stripped from them.

    The Fucking Being Intrusive (fbi) is riding on a wave of paranoia for alls it's worth to strip people of these.

    Some how this reminds of something that was called communism..
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    yea but

    if it happens in america,and they get away with this.(violating our civil rights.) then governments every where will be thinkin, hey
    if they can get away with it in america... then we can get away with it here...and then all of a sudden, no one will have any rights and we all might as well go live under tha taliban. ya know what im saying?

    i can understand em trying to stop piracy, but they cant violate human rights to do it. they should only be able to place policeware on systems that they have permission to.
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    Re: yea but

    This has nothing to do with pirating it's about Anti-Terrorism and the ability of being able to snoop on anyone they wish.

    And if you decide to remove there so called trojan or other spyware from your own computer it means you will be fined and thrown in jail.

    They can name it what they want but it still comes out smelling like a violation of your basic privacy rights.
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    id like to see em pull it off, thell have to rewrite laws, including the constitution. it wont happen im not worried. once again ill remove anything off my pc i dont want on there and they cant do shit about it.this is a free country.they would have to make trojans and viruses legal to use first....mabey 50 years from now but not anytime soon.;)