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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by forcer, Mar 2, 2004.

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    i have a few questions about OS, just somethings we are going through in college but i thought i'd ask some experieced people =)

    why do computers have software?

    describe what an operating system does?

    i need to reearch windows and linux and use examples in those questions.

    describe what application software does? and research 2 applications then use them as examples.

    any help appreciated
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    Sounds like homework to me.
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    In uber-basic terms..

    why do computers have software?
    Because the machine can not perform functions by itself.

    describe what an operating system does?
    Operates the system, see the first question for why.

    describe what application software does?
    Applications perform a specific function, therefore this question is null (unless you answer with the specific function thing). Notepad edits/creates text. Paint makes little doodles when you're at work and have nothing better to do.. and so forth.

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    If you need more in-depth answers, here they are:

    1) Computers have software to allow user interaction with the computer's hardware. Without software, there would be no way for the user to interact with his/her machine.

    2) An operating system provides a link between the hardware layer, and the software layer. Basically, after the BIOS finishes the POST and other things right when you start up your computer, it give the operating system control over the hardware. That means that your operating system, such as Windows, will be able to access hardware such as hard drive, CDROM drives, and many other devices.

    You might want to go search on the internet for more information on operating systems and why computers have software if you need more information.