feed back from cd rom drive playing music

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by comtekk, Apr 6, 2002.

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    MSI 6368 main board via chipset. tried several versons of the board and several lg 52 x cdroms makes no diff. when playing a music cd a tap tap noise can be heard when ever the light flashes on the cd rom drive.

    I've tried all of the msi drivers and xp generic drivers no one seems to beable to give me an answer. video,sound ect.

    As we use these in our standard celeron work stations we really need some help!

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    This sounds like a definite problem with data across the bus...Are you using PCI soundboards or onboard sound?..if the drive's have a headphone jack..jack in..listen and see if you hear the sound..if you hear the sound it's a drive problem, if you don't it's most likely a problem involving data crossing the bus adding feedback (this can happen easily with onboard sound)
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    on board sound

    will try the head phone jack and let you know