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    I have put a few computers together with XP, and helped some friends... But now I want to know how to fdisk a slave drive in windows XP... My friend had a difficult time with it... Ended up using the EZBIOS Junk and killed Windows 2000... He wanted t do a clean install of xp... Personally I like to use a win98 boot disc... Where did this tool go in WinXP?
    What is it called?

    Sorry for my ignorance if it is easy to discover, But I can't find it...

    thanks to any and everyone who can help...


    Please take a second to repy... Had to write zero's to his drive to get rid of the fat 16 partition put on by EZBios...

    The story is long, but if anyone wants to hear it, let me know...
    The name of the file that cleaned off all the partitions is called clearhdd.exe and took about 10 seconds to do a 40 gig
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    Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Disc Manager*

    *May not be entirely accurate since I translated it. :)
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    Easy Peazy m8!!

    From the start menu goto Programs/Administration.../Management/disk management

    From here you can format, partition, change name, drive letters


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    Thank you...

    Thanks for the information... I will check into it for my next hard drive...;)