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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by elucas3689, Jan 24, 2002.

  1. elucas3689

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    Im tring to convert my drive from fat32 to ntsf. I went to the cmnd promt and typed "Convert C: /FS:NTSF" and then it asked "Enter current volume label for drive c" I have a fourty gig hard drive but I donot know what to put in this space.
  2. Lonman

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    Open Windows Explorer. Look in the left side of the window... it will show you the 'name' of your c:\ drive. Look at the attachment, mine is highlighted - the 'label' is XP.
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    nice setup lonman, but aint it better to have xp on the primary partition or is there no diference at all?
  4. Lonman

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    Actually in a dual boot, the older OS should be on the primary... especially if you dual with anything in the Win9x group. XP is happy no matter where you put it. The only reason I'm dual booting is because I suffered a Win2k ntfs disaster once... lost everything when it crashed. I just have 2k installed as a safety net. 2k is on a fat32 2gig partition, XP is on a 20gig partition, and the rest for storage (another 20gig). There's some really good articles about multi-booting. I did it by accident, but recommended procedure is similar to my setup... a 'safety net' for ntfs.
  5. FAT32 vs NTFS recontinued

    I have a question. Anyone successfully used XP on a primary partition using NTFS and dual-booted with Linux yet? I'm not sure yet whether to stay with FAT32 or switch to NTFS and I'm currently dual-booting with Mandrake 8.0. Any help or comments is appreciated greatly!
  6. Scratch my last reply there. Read where the fellow up above there, sorry cant remember the name, used 2k as a safety net. Got rid of the linux, and thinking of doing what he did. Question is, can I use partition magic to turn my primary partition into a logical one and make another primary for 2k without having to re-install or reformat anything? Thanks again...
  7. Binary

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    No, you cannot use Partition Magic to switch from Primary to Logical or vise versa. But my guess is you don't need to. You can install Win2K on a logical partition without any problems. I assume you already have XP installed on a primary partition, then just run Win2K setup anc choose any partition to install to. Setup will create a dualboot menu with XP and 2K to choose from. In boot.ini you can select whatever you want to be your default.
  8. Thanks Binary for the reply. Since I posted last I tried to run Win 2000 setup and it wouldn't let me because there was a "Newer version of Windows already installed." So, I went the hard way and backed up everything and repatitioned and reformatted everything. Using a 2GB partition for Win2k @ FAT32, a 10GB partition for XP @ NTFS, and a 8GB for Data and Stuff @ FAT32. That way if XP crashes, I can use 2k to recover stuff. It is working very well also. Thanks again....
  9. Binary

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    Well, I'm glad to hear you've got things running again. If ever the need arises to reinstall Win2K you might want to know that you could have easily solved the problem by booting from the Win2K CD and run setup from there. When you start setup from a running WinXP than indeed it will not let you downgrade the Operating System.
  10. Thank you Binary! Next thing to do is make another partition for Mandrake 8. :D Don't worry, I have that down-pat.....Later...