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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Bear59, Dec 13, 2001.

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    Yeah... My XP boots to the desktop within 30 to 40 seconds which is a big improvement over Win98 (2min 15 sec). Now if I want to use a Microsoft product (Word Excel etc) boom it's up and running. But try logging onto the net (DSL) or running a game (Rogue Spear) and nothing happens. My desktop is up but I'm very limited as to what I can do.

    Once my desktop is up I still have to wait over 2 min before I have full functionality of my WinXP Pro. So in actuallity WinXP is slower booting then Win98.

    Any hints or tips as to what I can do to have intenet connectivity sooner than 3 min after a cold boot. I've read that you can turn off all kinds of services but I've tried disabling services I know I don't use but there still isn't any improvement in boot time.

    Any suggestions/tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    I dunno about yout, but I see MSN messenger log on while my desktop is drawing at logon, so I'd have to assume I'm getting net access right away. Maybe MSN is initializing my DSL, if I stick to AlecStaars explanation.

    Like I said, I dunno. I never noticed it before. But I've always had something try to access the net when I logon. My family uses a crapload of messenger programs, so I just allow them all to startup at once.

    BTW, try checking your event log to see if somethings going wrong.
  3. Open your msconfig and see about unchecking some programs in the startup menu (easy way)

    Another possible fix is to get into your services and read thru the description of what they do and what services they depend on. If your sure you dont need a service to be ran at startup then set it to manual. Microsoft has approx 80 services and most of them are set to automatic. A regular user at home not connecting to a network other than the internet and a simple home network only uses approx 30 services.

    Also you can search the MS knowledgebase for a program called Bootvis.exe, which will give you an exact trace map in graph form on the entire boot process. It can also optimize your boot pretty well. It takes a while so be patient with it and read the documentation.
    I used it and went from a 35-50 second complete boot to approx 27 seconds.

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    I noticed myself that my desktop was unresponsive for the first minute or so after I logged on. The culprit: Messenger. It was loading with my logon automatically. As soon as I disabled it at startup, I had a REAL fast boot. But I do also recommend bootvis.

    You can play with it a bit, in your case maybe it isn't messenger, try removing one program at a time from your startup list and see which is the biggest hog.

    To AlecStaar: You know what? You just answered a question that also has been bugging me with XP. It used to be with Win2k that my internet conn was loaded BEFORE I logged on. This is a sane and useful way to do it, I think. Same with say, ZoneAlarm. It didn't reload every time someone logged on! It ran in the bachground like a good fire wall's a moot point for me now that I have that lovely pocket-router, but I wouldn't mind knowing a way to get that back for future reference.

    Is there anything you DON"T know?

    hmmmm, silly question!
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    If your replying to me, I never said MSN Messenger was causing a problem for me, Just that it was logging on to the net while I was logging on. I dont really see a problem with this personally.
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    No wonder your post count is so high...

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    Sorry, no I meant the reply for the previous (the original I think) about XP's boot time being misleading, and to AlecStaar for the tip about the different boot processes of 2k and xp.

    It just happens that in my case, with my particular configuration, Messenger was causing a slow load. Since I rarely use it, I'll just start it manually.

    I will try to indicate who I am replying to in the future, because these forums can get confusing.
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    Cool, no problem.


    Thanks for reminding me. I got back an email stating that my question was too technical in nature, and I should post the question in the tech support forum. I think the fact that I stated a technical question at all means its too technical for them :rolleyes:

    I looked around in their support forum, and is littered with canned answers that a two-year old could have stated. IOW, I dont think the tech guy there knows anything other than to "reboot" or "reinstall" for every answer. I will post a question there this weekend sometime, but I'm not expecting any answers that my 11-year old daughter couldn't give me :D .

    BTW, on what to use as exclusion list, I just discovered that PD actually uses the files in the layout.ini (it shows the files in the PD exclusion list, and why they are excluded, Metadata, layout, etc. Pretty cool!). Also there are other concerns about Norton I need to discuss with you later, but now is not the time. I will email you this weekend sometime.

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    hmmm...stray thought.

    I have had problems with XP file and printer sharing, and seen a number of others with the same. XP machines cannot browse the local network, despite having all of the correct settings. Everybody (98, ME [shiver], 2000) can see the XP box(es), but XP is blind. I'm relatively new at this, about 2 years experience (most of it Quake), but I can certainly network Windows boxes in a workgroup. I think my 18 month old daughter could. Anyway, if XP is not loading a full stack o' networking pancakes, could that be the prob? I myself eventually just loaded NWlink, and now all is well, but this should not be necessary.

    I see yer a busy guy, but I just can't help squeezing you for info while I've got your attention. I've learned a lot in the last few days, but my wife is getting mad.

    thanks very very much for all the info!

    time fer sleep...
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    well, I don't have any win98 boxes (thank god), and really, the problem isn't slow access. Without nwlink, my XP machine is blind to the internal network and shares. I have checked every possible TCP/IP setting, I have verified that netbios over tcp/ip is checked, that there are no passwords, that there are no restrictions, that there are absolutely no reasons why XP cannot see the other machines. I wish I could bring you to my house and show you.

    The only thing I cannot verify for you is the tip about using "manage network passwords" because I cannot find that. I am looking in Control Panel, User Accounts, etc., but no go. This may be a moot point, as I have no Win98's werkin' here.

    As for the error code, the one I am getting is error code 53 (keep in mind, this is from one XP box to another, that's all I have), which from past experience means either a bad hardware component, or there is no TCP/IP connectivity. In my case, it is neither. I can ping each from the other. This is why I am so frustrated.

    I really can't believe the effort you are making, that post was longer than any I have made, and I am a chatter box on these forums. It seems to be working really well with nwlink, but I will keep digging. I know I am right...I know it! no one will believe me...the body snatchers, they...aaaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhh...
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    You recommend netbeui over nwlink? is nwlink routable?? i know it is probably not as fast...

    Of course I will humour firewalls here, but I will take a look at the services. I never thought to ask, do you have any XP boxes that are networking well on just TCP/IP? I do not doubt that there is someting I am missing, but I think it is buried deeper than any normal setting/config issues I have ever seen.

    you da man!
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    holy toledo, you are generous! got any machines ya wanna sell to me, say a 1.5 GHz Athlon XP, DDR, SCSI-RAID, type of deal?

    I will check out NT compatible, but you've filled me so full of info, i need to go watch a couple of Simpsons to stop the shaking in my hands.

    if there is ever anything i can help with, please mail me, my nick at

    back Monday!

    - D.