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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by AmarSingh, Apr 7, 2002.

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    you dont hear too much about 20GB hard drives these days...almost all of the reviews that you find are for drives 60GB or greater. Even if you do find a review on a 20GB disk, you dont have much to compare it to. I already have a 80GB seagate baracudda IV and im looking for a really good/fast 20GB hard drive to use for windows and apps only. Does anybody have any suggestions?? I dont know everything about hard drives, but im not exactly a newbie either. Is it safe to say that if a 60GB disk of a series performs well, then the 20GB version of that same disk has the same (or very similar) performance since it is the same disk with less platters??

    im already familiar with the big hardware review sites like tomshardware and storagereview etc
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    Wtf, I have a 2gig, and a 4gig. I dont care right now, I dont need like 80gigs of hdd space, I just need windows xp and some other progs. Plus I am spending money into something more important, my car.
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    your post doesnt really help him or answer his question, Umm i have never had a problem with my seagates and they can be real quick. But im gonna warn you i have had a couple IBM's go out on me..i posted a couple months ago on how i liked em..and i did...until they started to fail alot. And im not talking about like my personnel machine also...but where i work they all,rough estimate of 2 thousand computers, have 20.5 gig IBMs and alot get RMA'ed back to IBM for faults.
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    I like my Maxtor

    My 20GB DiamondMax has been going strong for about 2 years now. SiSoft Sandra benchmarks it very close to my newer 45GB IBM 75GXP on the same ATA100 Promise controller where I run IBM as master and Maxtor as slave. There really is no significant difference. No failures on my IBM for the year its been spinning, but I've seen the reports.

    Would buy Maxtor again without any hesitation.
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    I've been using 4 20g Maxtor's in RAID 0 for about 1 1/2 years with no problems, cheap too.
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    well ive come to realize that the difference between a good 20gb and the same 40gb hd is only $15, so if i do decide to get one it will probably be a 40gb maxtor or seagate
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    Everyone will tell you something else, but my preference is Seagate. But IBM had a series that aren't reliable. I would avoid them if possible.