Fantasy Football shakeups????

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by mlakrid, Apr 3, 2009.

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    With the Orton/Cutler trade, Vick possibly coming back, Stallworth Possibly going to jail, as the leaders...

    What other scandals, trades, drops, etc will affect this years Fantasy Football...

    Me being a huge Tampa Bay fan, I believe we will be lucky to be 50/50 by the seasons end...

    How do you get rid of the Leadership in your defense and hope the young guns can step up?

    Maybe its just me....


    Mike A!
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    Are you interested what will happened in Wold Championship?
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    Missed this thread the first time around. I actually like the Cutler trade, for the Bears...It might seem like they gave up a lot but for a tier one qb but the Bears needed him more than they could afford to wait for Orton. The top picks can be nullified by a deep receiver draft always.

    The Broncos on the other hand... it remains to be seen, how well Josh Mcdaniels implements his offense, and how well Orton adjusts to his 4th offense in three years.

    Stallworth, was always good for decent numbers in FF not great ones, sure he would have an exceptional game now and then, just not consistently enough to be counted on. Had him for two years, and he was frustratingly inconsistent in FF.

    Vick? Remains to be seen. The years off will have hurt him, more than he is prepared for.
    There is some rumblings that the Bucs are interested in least that is the rumor over here out of USC . Where he goes, we can only speculate uintil after the draft.

    See you then with a post draft analysis.
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    I am reading into your comment as you are thinking of "soccer" this thread is about American Football. :)
  5. mlakrid

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    Nah wont happen...

    We have a veteran QB in Griese (even if he hasnt shown up to practice), and two new QB's who could put on a show if they get their CRAP straight...

    McCown looks good so far this year... and Johnson is supposed to be a QB "to watch" we will see if TB ends up in yet another QB controversy... its rediculous... But they will most likely draft Defense after getting rid of 2 veteran Defensive players...

    Mike A!
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  6. Sazar

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    Between Austin and Tampa
    Tampa should go back to the playoffs without Gruden continuing to ruin what had been done before he got there.
  7. BouncingSoul

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    No Monte Kiffin. The architect of that D is gonna be missed.