Fan on Geforce2 MX no longer working

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Moonacres, Aug 22, 2002.

  1. Moonacres

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    Ye sI have a Geforce2 MX 32meg videocard. Well the cooling fan no longer works on it. I have taken it off and removed dust build up on it but it still will not work. Can I replace this or do I have to buy a new video card. I bought the card 1.5 years ago.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. UofEEE

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    You can replace it, but you're better off just buying a new video card. If you want to replace it, get a ThermalTake Crystal Orb or something similar. Also, if you want to use some Arctic Silver, you can do that as well. A fan on your GF2MX? Mine just has one huge passive wonder it died....
  3. gonaads

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    How long has the Fan been dead?

    You will waste more time pulling it out of yer machine and removing and installing that new Fan than it takes to get another Vid Card.

    If you can afford another Vid Card buy it. It doesn't have to be the latest and greatest, just another same or slightly better.

    It's like a sign from the 'Puter Gods saying, "New Video Card... New Video Card". :D
  4. whoa how did you get the fan to stop working. My computer is still under warranty and I wish my fan would stop working so they could replace the gfx card...btw its the same as yours
  5. mbunny

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    the MX400's only needed a passive heatsink... they weren't THAT fast...

    If your in the market for a new video card, may i recommend a SiS Xabre Pro

    DirectX 8.1 Compliant
    8x AGP capable

    Cheaper than a MX440
    Faster than a MX460
    Features of the Ti's

    the only bad side is that drivers still need to mature atm...
  6. jcs83md

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    Funny, the same thing I happened to my GeForce2 MX... just go buy a new video card, its not worth salvaging.. just spend $75 on a Radeon 9000 and it'll nearly triple your 3D Performance.
  7. Zedric

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    If you are short on money you can perhaps fix the old fan.
    1. Remove the fan and carefully remove the sticker at the bottom.
    2. Put a drop of oil in the hole. Make sure there is no oil on the sticker!
    3. Put the sticker back.
    4. Work the fan. Compressed air is recommended, but if you don't have any just put the fan back and run it on power while monitoring it. If you haven't waited for too long before fixing the fan it should start working again.

    Otherwise replacement fans are cheap.
  8. RagnaroK

    RagnaroK Must be dreaming...

    Do what my friend did, and chuck a Pentium 3 Heatskin/Fan combo on your GeForce 2 MX. :D
    He took my default P3 hsf and put it on his GeForce 2 MX 200 32Mb... he overclocked to 230 core and 210 mem, and runs stable. ;)
  9. fedele

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    my old geforce2 mx doesn't have a a matter of fact I've never seen a geforce 2 with a fan in it...

    I have a geforce2 mx 64mb tv out for sale cheap...if somebody cares....