Fall out of tree, no see more.

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    Mr. Govinda suspected his wife of seeing another man. So, he hired a famous detective, Mr. Sharuk to watch and report any activities that might develop.
    A few days later, he received this report as follow :

    Most honorable sir:
    You leave house.
    He come house.
    I watch.
    He and she leave house.
    I follow.
    He and she get on train.
    I follow.
    He and she go in hotel.
    I climb tree-look in window.
    He kiss she.
    She kiss he.
    He strip she.
    She strip he.
    He play with she.
    She play with he.
    I play with me.
    Fall out of tree, no see more.
    NO FEE !!!

    - Lisa

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    Heh, I love your posts :D