News Facebook Unveils 'High-Res' Photos

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    One area in which Facebook has consistently lagged behind dedicated photo sharing websites is the quality of images that it lets users upload into their photo albums. Earlier this year Facebook brought out an update that allowed for slightly larger and better quality images; a welcome move in the right direction but not really enough for many photo lovers. Last Friday's Facebook update changed the situation however, bringing in a brand new 'High-res' option to the social network.

    The new update allows users to upload images that are 8 times the resolution of the previous standard, giving much higher quality images. To view all these lovely hi-res photos there is also a brand new photo viewer application in Facebook that uses Lightbox to display photos in the centre of your screen, along with the ability to browse through the photos without having to leave the page you're on.


    Finally, the tagging process has been overhauled to make it easier to tag groups of people in multiple photos and the upload process has been improved to make it more stable. For more information have a look at the Facebook Blog.

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