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    how come the sum of asll fears would work on my computer then f1 2002 had the same specifications but just quit to the desktop and left not much memory.:confused:
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    Well I think for ppl to able to answer your question I think providing the system specs would help. Well the only thing I can think of to check is to see if there is a patch for it, as I've not played it or The Sum of All Fears so I don't know what they require to run but I think the first step would be check for a patch. Also welcome to Xp-erience
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    k, ill check mine an dthe games. i have at least a 16 meg 3D graphics card with accelaration ability. 256 meg rm 900mhz processer,48x cd rom but it dusnt need cd. the game is 16 meg, 128 rm, pII 400? whats that?
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    do you have media player 9? if you do then you cant play any EA sports games on you PC. has to do with media player 9 wanting to play the MPG4 file that is the real people going " EA Sports it's in the game!".