EZCD Creator 5.0 Platinum problem, any tip?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Fr@mus, Jan 6, 2002.

  1. Fr@mus

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    I installed Easy CD Creator 5.02 (build 314) on my Windows XP Home Edition PC (without Take Two), rebooted, applied the xp_up_platinum.exe patch from Roxio, rebooted. Then applied the 5.02c_ up patch, rebooted, applied the xp_up_platinum.exe patch again and rebooted.

    every time I try to use EZCD , I receive 2 error messages:
    -engine initialization has failed
    -Creator API canĀ“t see all the cdroms in the system. Check if they are connected properly.

    I have two devices installed and working fine. They are inDevice Manager, no conflicts. I can check both working in Ide 2 :
    (Master): HP CD-Writer+ 9700K and (Slave) Creative CD5220 E-F.
    Besides I can burn cds with own XP recording software.
    I can read from both devices

    I tried installing HP software and same thing. Unistall and reinstall several times EZCD and no sucess at all.
    I checked Roxio and support HP CDW 9700.

    I dont know....any help?
  2. Akash

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    to start off with i you applied the patches wrong
    also i dont think take two is compatible.

    remove everything
    install roxio
    DONT reboot
    install c patch
    DONT reboot
    install xp patch
  3. purush

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    If I may correct here, the build you are using will not update, just uninstall the whole thing and reinstall without take two. When it tells you that you have restart, say no and go ahead and apply XP Safe, followed by XP update. 'DO NOT APPLY 502C PATCH' it should work alright. Post a reply after you tried this method. I got the build working this way.
  4. Fr@mus

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    :D :D :D :D

    Yes, that was the way.!!
    It works!!
    All the best wishes for you....master!

    Roxio Guides suxs!