Ez Os Install Pro Beta - Now Ready!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by DinoRoger, Jan 13, 2003.

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    If you will be installing / re-installing a Microsoft Operating system any time soon I would like to offer you an opportunity to join a BETA program I started yesterday. If you have ever heard of EZ OS INSTALL, a new version is now available called EZ OS INSTALL PRO. The program will create a unique custom boot disk that will automate the partitioning of the hard drive and installation of the operating system. It’s like creating a custom recovery floppy disk for your own system. The previous version ran from DOS mode and the new one is Windows based with a user friendly GUI. If you interested in signing up for the BETA visit:

    Click here for more information

    Click on "EZ Install Boot Disk" and you will see it at the top.

    PS: This post was to announce something I believe will be beneficial to the users here and not meant as any type of advertisement
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    Something Dino forgot to mention is that after having to go throught he hassle of registering just to get to the download area you have to pay. Maybe I reading it wrong but all I see is this: Now PCHelpLive.com has made the software available through a purchase. We are selling the floppy disk version and a new improved with all the bells and whistles, a CD version. Currently both of these purchases are available via a quick and easy download process. We are engineering a home deliver method very soon.
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    now this is a treuly spam!:cool:

    Thread will be deleted withen 24 hours
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    I think Hipster Doofus summed it up. Burn ye in the pits of hell.
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    I think this thread embarrased this guy enough to leave it up
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    Muahahahahaha!!! :happy:
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    Bleh :rolleyes:

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