Extreme Shutdown Problems!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tubbyrecords, May 27, 2002.

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    Hey,peeps having real problems shuting ma comp down at the mo. Every time i select shut down ma comp says saving data ect. doesnt give any "it is now safe to turn off your computer" screen and just restarts. The only way i have of shutting down at the mo ist to wait till it begins to restart an hold down ma soft-switch.
    this is really begining to annoy me any help would be imensly appreciated. Cheers TU669
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    try downloading a shutdown program from cnet .com just type shutdown in the download section
    these shutdown programs usually overide any problem you have
    i had the same thing happen to me
    if all else fails you will have to reinstall it again

    or you could go to search and find repair that will re set your computor to an earlier time when it was all working properly

    hope this helps
  3. tubbyrecords

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    I would just roll bk to an eirlier date but this problem only started when i installed a new m/board. i think it mite be a bios or m/board prob not sftware.
  4. Zedric

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    It could very well be a software problem caused by the hardware switching. When you change the hardware, especially important bits like the motherboard, a reinstall of the system is highly recommended.
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    might be stating the obvious but have you flashed the bios yet?

    you haven't mentioned anything about it as yet :/

    i had a Asus A7V266-E mobo that wouldn't shut down and couldn't reset. Problem disappeared upon flashing it. This occurs on move a7v266's i'd imagine cause its happened to 3 other friends of mine with the same mobo.

    try it... could solve ur problem
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    Melbourne Australia
    Adaptec burning software did this to me.............until I got the update. :D
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    what does that mean?