extra 4 pin atx connector in my motherboard

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by oilisab, Nov 23, 2002.

  1. oilisab

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    My new intel motherboard model 845grg has a new
    4 pin atx connector and i dont know what is this for

    You guys know what is this connector for and if I need
    a special case with a special power supply for it? because as
    long as I know normal power supplies dont have this extra

    Btw this motherboard has a microATX form factor.

    thanx in advance
  2. lurker2100

    lurker2100 Guest

    You'll need a new power supply if your current one doesn't have the extra connector. The P4 requires extra power and that's what the additional connector is for.
  3. baser5nature

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    yeah... lurker's right... if the extra connector is a square then it's for the CPU, however some boards like ASUS boards come with an extra connector in case your power supply is an older one, in that case you can use the standard 4-pin (inline) connector to power the cpu...
  4. zoey

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    I'm just using the new connector in mine, should I be using both?
    The instructions really didn't say.
  5. lurker2100

    lurker2100 Guest

    No, if you've got a newer powersupply with the square connector, you only need to plug in that one (along with the usual 20 pin power connection, of course).
  6. zoey

    zoey Guest

    That's what I thought:D