external modem need to be detect every boot ?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by casper1, Jan 28, 2002.

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    i am using aztech EM6800U 56K external modem and WinXP.

    everytime i boot my computer and need to dial up, the DUN will tell me that no modem is not responding and i need to go to device manager to scan for hardware change and then the modem only appear.

    this happen only when i DID NOT POWER ON the modem when windows boot, and everything is OK if the modem is power on when booting up.

    so i guess it might be windows din't detect any modem when boot up and it disable it.

    so is there anyway to get risk of this since i dunt want my modem on 24 hrs and i always forget to on it when starting computer
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    The only practical solution I can think of depends on what kind of PC power supply you have. Some have an outlet for a monitor so the monitor shuts on/off when the PC shuts on/off. You could use this outlet to supply power to your modem. You'd have to find the right cable that plugs into this plug, and modify the other end with one of those add-on extention cord receptacle connectors. Then you can plug in your modem power cord adapter into that. You could get the cord at Radio Shack or any computer shop and the connector can be bought at any hardware store.

    There is another possible option but I won't mention it since there are too many ways the modification could cause issues.