External HDD with DNLA

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    So I'm planning to sell my pc and get a laptop. Im also planning on using this laptop as a DNLA? server. But since its a laptop, im going to be getting an external hdd to store all of my media. does anyone know how bad or if it does at all, effect the streaming speeds from the hdd>laptop>media player? also a little side question, you don't need a wi-fi connection to setup dnla correct? thanks in advance
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    Ummm, Laptops are not meant to be servers. You can expect thermal problems so a docking station with a cooling solution is recommended.

    WIFI is part of the DNLA standard so bandwidth is limited to 56mbps which means an external USB 2 drive should be ok. If you plan a wireled LAN setup then an external drives speed may be an issue.

    WIFI is probably how most of the devices will expect to connect. You will need to check each media player you plan to attach to the network to see if it has a wired option if you want to avoid installing a wireless LAN.

    Each device in the DLNA network must have a DLNA logo or it may not work.
    Make sure the Windows OS and any server network have a DLNA logo.
    Digital Rights Management protection applies. Your system may refuse to distribute certain media.