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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by GunBlade008, May 24, 2007.

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    Hi all, I've recently bought 2 external HD's from factorydirect a few days ago. The first was a Fujiutsu, 40gb notebook HD, I also bought a 2.5" casing for it. The second is a generic 60gb and I bought a 3.5" casing for it. BOTH of the external HD's do not appear once they install. I installed the HD's properly, and plugged it into my laptop's USB drive. After awhile, it says that the Device is now installed and ready to use, but neither of them show in My Computer. When I go to device manager, it shows that the HD is there, but I can't transfer files. Can anyone help me with this? Is there anyway to format the HD without installing it on my home computer?
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    Do you have all drive letters available (active)? If you have disabled the ones you don't use in a tweak programs it won't show. If they are all disabled above say, drive E, you won't see it in the contorl panel. I did that on my USB thumb drive, it would install, but not show in my computer. I wen't in and set drive f,g, and so that won't happen again.
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    If the drives are new out of the box then they will not have been partitioned and formatted.

    Right click on my computer and select manage.
    Select Disk Management. You should see your drives.
    Right click on the drive area and you will be able to partition it and format it.

    Once thats done you should see them listed in my computer all ready to use.
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