External hard drive recommends?

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    For the past couple of days I have been reading about external drives and am looking for some recommends (possibly Firewire since they can daisied?) before making a final decision, in case I overlooked something. Here are the specs I am aiming for:
    • Use for HTPC, so must be able to withstand 24/7 power on state & high usage
    • USB 2.0 & eSATA (if I understand correctly eSATA is hot pluggable, but have also read about the drives having to be booted up before the computer?*)
    • 1TB or more
    • Stackable (preferred)
    • Hot pluggable (the ability to disconnect the drive without having to power down)
    These are the ones that I am looking at:
    *Found this in a review on Newegg about Cavalry CAXM 1TB
    Any idea what he is talking about?

    Any recommendations are welcomed. Thanks.
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    Western Digital My Books; 1TB - 2TB :)
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    i have the 500gb model :) 1tb was too expensive