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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Sheldon, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. Sheldon

    Sheldon OSNN One Post Wonder

    Hi Guys, ran in with some windows problem yesterday. I tell you what exactly happened. Well i uninstalled office multilingual , jdk1.2.2 and admin magic from windows xp. I then tried creating a new folder (right click go to new option) The mouse icon was just busy and nothing happened. After hitting on ctrl+alt+del it showed not responding and when i selected got to process it showed explorer.exe.

    I restarted the computer with the same result. I then tried opening my office documents word,excel..
    Same thing. However if i open word from my desktop icon and then open the file which resides in my documents folder, it works fine. The same is in the case of opening music files have to do it indirectly though another program. Cant delete stuff from the temp folder under local setting of my account get stuck. Even when cleaning the prefetech it gets stuck. But using programs like sys mechaic to do the job works fine.

    I noticed something though when its in the non responding state say for instance openig a document in my document,, hitiing ctrl+alt+del, there will be 2 instances of my documents both not responding. If it try to end the explorer.exe process it wont work.

    If i go to safe mode and choose my account it works fine no problems at all. I thought it could be my account is messed up so i decided to make a new one but same carp** agiain. I removed office entirely and made a clean install but still no luck. If the explorer.exe does not respond i cant restart or shutdown the pc have to do it from the main switch.

    Dont want to reinstall windows nor want to format the pc

    Please help !
  2. Nismo83

    Nismo83 OSNN AZN Addict

    get another working pc preferably with win xp and boot it up with your explorer.exe Hard disk as slave and try to copy the explorer.exe over.

    Dunno it may works a not.. but hey... it is not working, why dun give it a try?

    let us know the result.
  3. madmatt

    madmatt Bow Down to the King Political User

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