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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Perris Calderon, May 1, 2003.

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    well, I don't know when you are going to get here yoyo, but when you do, a while back you helped me figure out how to get the word "address" out of the internet explorer toobar.

    it seems that by now, I am pretty sure I know that the address bar is the address bar, and I'm almost positive I can make my way to it without seeing the word "address".

    you came up wtih the hack for me.

    I want to post that tutorial for people that are not afraid to mess around with the dangerous stuff.

    u figured it out, so could you post step by step for everybody pleas?
  2. yoyo

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    Ok, here ya go, but actually it wasn't me who figured it out but the guys on

    Remove the word "address" from the toolbar in Internet Explorer

    You need ResourceHacker to do it.

    Make a copy of browselc.dll located in Windows\system32 and open it in ResHack.
    Expand the String Table folder, then subfolder 807, click on 1033 (when you are using ResourceHacker you will see what I'm talking about)
    In the right window now delete the word A&ddress, leave the "".
    Hit 'Compile Script'
    Click File > Save

    Next step is to replace the original file with your modified one.
    Find browselc.dll in either C:\Windows\system32\dllcache or C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386, rename it to browselc.bak and copy your hacked file in there instead.
    Now boot into safe mode and do exactly the same with the browselc.dll in C:\Windows\system32.
    Windows System File Protection will pop up two windows, answer them with cancel and OK.

    If you want to make the replacement of this or any other system file really easy use Replacer. Found this great tool some days ago. It is free and only 8 kb in size. All you have to do is drag the original file into the window, hit Enter, drag the modified file, hit Enter again, confirm that you want to replace the file and reboot.
    It automatically replaces the files in system32 and dllcache, creates a backup copy and clicks away File Protection windows and no need to boot into safe mode.

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    Replacer is one heck of a utility :D
    Thanks yoyo
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    cool, im going to replace my "Ad dress" with "I HATE YOU"

    thanks yoyo

    also, since we're on the topic of Customizing IE.. how would I go about editing "*title* - Microsoft Internet Explorer" in the title bar? *title* of course being the title of the page your at...

    can you have anything underlined, or bolded, italicized in title bars???
  5. Perris Calderon

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    new york
    this is a great hack guys

    I can't figure out why it's not in the gui.

    that "address" WORD PISSES ME OFF...thanx for the info