.EXE files Please helpme!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by TheOne, Mar 25, 2002.

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    Please help!!!!, i have a big problem, yesterday i was playing with a program .EXE but i tried to open this using the Notepad , and all was ok, but now i can't open any more EXE files normaly because Windows XP use the notepad 4 open alls :mad: PLEASE HELP!!!, iam using Windows xp Professional in AMD 1.2 with 8 Gygas HD drive. Please helpme :(

    NOTE: I know hot to access to the registry but i dotn have idea what i have to do there, because i dont know the entrace who manage the EXE extensions.... Please excusa my english, i know, is very poor. .. Thanks :):D
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    Go-->Start-->Settings-->Control Panel. In the window choose Tools-->Folder Options... In new open Window choose File Types tab. Find .exe file and chage the program to open it.