Excel and Powerpoint are driving me crazy - 40 Omnipage Menu Links

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Shotokhaan, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. Shotokhaan

    Shotokhaan Guest


    WinXP Pro (no service pack installed)
    PIII - 800Mhz
    120GB HD
    ATI RAGE PRO 128

    Office XP

    ok here goes:
    installed once Omnipage Pro 11 and ever since that when starting Excel or Powerpoint or opening any *.xls or *.ppt i get 40 Omnipage Menu Links. (see attached picture)

    http://www.sysopt.com/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=745389 (same with Powerpoint)

    I wasn't able to uninstall Omnipage Pro 11. So i deleted the files and registry settings manually, in hope it will sort out that problem.

    This didn't sort it out !

    However the strange thing is, that Word doesn't display these links.

    anyone who knows more ??

    p.s. i recently installed Omnipage Pro 12 (it had no effect on this)
  2. gajef

    gajef OSNN Addict

    I can think of 2 things you can do:

    Go to View/Toolbars/Customize

    Click (and hold) on one of the omnipage entry's and drag it to downwards to a point not on one of the toolbars and let it go (you should see a X appear when you can let go)

    If this goes, delete all other entrys with the same trick

    Restart Excel and see if the stay away

    If they reappear it means that a macro or an add-in is being used to recreate them:
    Check Tools/Add-ins or check the file XLSTART.XLS
    which is normally placed in the directory <officeinstall directory>\Office\XLStart

  3. Shotokhaan

    Shotokhaan Guest

    well thx for the ideas ..

    tried them but no result

    ad 1)
    i can't move the omnipage entries .. they are connected with the standard entries (file,edit,view ..)

    ad 2)
    i looked in the file/folder and add-ins menu ... it's nothing there

    i really have no clue ..

    thx anyway

    *** EDIT ***
    hA .. WORKING !"!!!
    just to let you all know:

    gajef's idea was initially the right one ...
    but you have to hold the LEFT ALT key while moving and dragging ANY menu link from the top

    with this method i was able to move the 40 omnipage links to another custom bar which i deleted

    you can also move: file,edit,view,extras ... etc.
    *** EDIT ***
  4. gajef

    gajef OSNN Addict

    Glad it worked....


    I think you see your excel sheets more clearly now? :)