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    About a month or so ago I purchased EverQuest. I would connect to a server, music would start, but then it would sit at a black screen for however long I would allow it.

    Yes, I also checked the EverQuest website for problems, and there was something you had to do with broadband conenctions which I did. I don't remember exactly what.

    If someone could let me know what the problem was, I would consider resubscribing.
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    Try www.everquestlive.com and look at the suggested systems and drivers. They reccomend using 2280 nVidia drivers instead of the newer ones. Also you dont say if you only installed EverQuset or any of the expansions. If you installed Shadows of Luclin it might be possible that something in your system is incompatable. Luclin has heavy system requirements.
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    I only installed the original, and Velious.