event: 4 source: serial unable to create the symbolic for \device\serial0

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    Sorry, title should read: event: 4 source: serial - unable to create the symbolic link for \device\serial0.

    Hi everyone, it's jubbly to be here. I hope you can help me!

    I have upgraded a laptop from ME to XP Home. All devices are installed OK and no problems reported in Device Manager.

    When I attempt to connect to the internet using a dial up connection XP reports that the modem is either currently in use or is not configured correctly. Also, when I try to query the modem I get a similar message.

    I uninstalled the modem and reinstalled - no fix. Changed cable, wall-socket etc.

    I have checked installed programs for Palm/synchronisation software. I have disabled IrDA in DM. I have reinstalled COM1, I've tried using COM3 - no good.

    "unable to create the symbolic link for device\serial0." is the only warning event of any significance. Event:4 Source:serial

    Has anyone got any ideas?


    Al :)
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