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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by apu95, Oct 6, 2003.

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    i need to erase ALL the restore points i have...i did a chkdisk and it found corrupted stuff right in the area where the restore points are stored. that means i wont be able to use a restore point right?
    how do i go about doing this so i can have working RPs again?

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    One of the options under set a restore point is to turn them off. Do that reboot then turn them on again.

    Or you could set the disk usage allowed to "0" reboot then turn it back on.
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    To delete all your restotre points do this:

    To delete all the restore points on your machine disable and re-enable system restore on the system: Go to the Control Panel ('Start > Control Panel') and open the 'System' applet. Click on the 'System Restore' tab on the system applet. Check mark 'turn off system restore on all drives' and click the apply button. Then uncheck the box again to re-enable System Restore on the machine and click OK.
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    Before you get rid of all the restore points, remove all but the most recent one. That way, if it is an earlier restore point that is corrupted, then you will still have one left as a backup. This is how you do it:

    1) Right-click the C: drive and select Properties.
    2) Hit the Disk Cleanup button.
    3) Select the 2nd tab (I think it says More Options).
    4) Hit the button that cleans up restore points.