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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by slayde, Feb 14, 2002.

  1. slayde

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    I have managed to force XP to accept my driver for my Epson Photo EX printer and can now print 1440 dpi. However, I can't get XP to run Status Monitor 2 which gives me ink levels etc. It doesn't seem to be able to establish communication with the printer, although otherwise it appears to be working. Epson site says ESM 2 isn't compatible with XP, but they also say the printer driver isn't, but it works OK. Any help please?
  2. Bytes Back

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    Just a thought here, could you download the xp drivers for, say, an epson 880 and then "borrow" the status monitor from that ?
  3. stuy_b

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    check Epsons website for XP drivers, let me know if you cant find em'.. I'll send u statusmonitor3

  4. Bytes Back

    Bytes Back Ex Police Chief

    You can download the status monitor, albit not officialy for your printer, from epsons american website.
  5. slayde

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    Thanks Bytes back and stuy_b. I did try downloading ESM 3 from the Epson site and that doesn't work either (I should have refered to ESM 3, not 2). I'll try downloading another XP printer driver and see if I can extract the Status Monitor. Thanks again.
  6. reyvis

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    install in compatability mode -then it will work
  7. slayde

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    Status Monitor Update

    Thanks guys. Current status after much time and effort:

    a) SM2/3 for another printer won't work. Keeps looking for its designated printer, and won't install even unless that printer is also installed.

    b) SM2 for Photo EX for win2000 installs in win2000 compatability mode and now finds the printer. It also comes up with the symbolic cartridge with it's ink levels, so that is progress. I can now get some idea, before printing, of the ink available (an A3 colour print at best definition takes a lot of ink).

    c) The bad news is that it does not display the ink content while printing (as it does under Win ME) or the time left to print and the facility to stop the printing process (often useful if I have cocked up the settings for the print job).

    I seem to have exhausted my capabilities, but I am still not convinced that there isn't some way around this (at present I am having to use a second installation of Photoshop in a Win ME partion, just to do this).

    Any more suggestions out there?
  8. Samaro

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    Same Problem

    I have the same problem with my Epson Stylus Photo 750.
    I tried in many ways to install Status Monitor and gave up. Just checking ink level on the printer's front panel(it is not so convinient).
    I talk to Epson rep on telephone(if you notice there are no email contact onle telephone with long distance sharge) and he told me it should be a new driver and status monitor in a few month.
    But I think they just don't want to spend money for outdated products.
  9. scut

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    i have epson photo 750 and sm2 working fine
    download win 2000 driver and sm2 unzip sp750wk right click on the setup.exe properties compatability mode win 2000 and then run the setup.
    for the sm2 do the same on the self extractin folder it should then all work fine also apply the xp sp1 that has also fixed the ink moniter whilst printing
    run compatability on
  10. slayde

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    Thaks for the 750 suggestion. I'm not sure it is any different from the method I have tried but I'll give it a go with my Photo EX.