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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by Epic-Host, Oct 19, 2002.

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    hiya, im the founder of Epic-Host.com! Epic-Host is a hosting, media Streaming and webdesign company, i have spoken to many people about the site and have many other companys behind me, my site will be launched as soon as a stable interface has being astablished. I am looking for a good WebDesigner to produce a 3DFX Logo to be used with in the interface of the site, pref around gray n standin out and to fade nicely into the background, it is yet to be desided on the true background choose one at will (only grayish texture tho) i have got few other people trying to pruduce a logo, and i will choose the best one, if you are one of the best you will have you name listed on the company staff list and you will also get free hosting for 2 years! I hope i hear from some of you soon on behalf of the Epic-Host team.....

    Contact me: Msn, management@impactfm.com Yahoo, epic_world ICQ, 135663536 AIM, impactfm2002

    Thanks again!
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    A few more specifics perhaps? Do you have any size restrictions in mind? Do you want just text or text with some kind of integrated graphic? Do you have a "catch phrase" of some kind? Are you looking for a static graphic, animated graphic or flash animation?
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    Static FX, no animation, its hard to think of a catch phrase for a hosting and streaming company, sumthing bold wit a gray background, you may choose a shade of gray! if you take a look at the link i have provided you will see other info and what other people have tryed to do, you may even want to contact me via email or a chat system to get more info, thanks for you time and reply on behalf of the Epic-Host team....and my self Epic/Rob
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    sounds like a rip off.. logo design aint worth 2 years hosting, its worth $$$