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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Rob Snoozer, Mar 22, 2002.

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    I am using windows xp pro - a couple days back when I rebooted, I got this cryptic message just after the splash screen blanked out...

    ISASS.EXE - The endpoint format is invalid.

    As soon as you check OK - the system then reboots. Don't check, and nothing happens.

    There is an MS knowledge base file at:


    Which discusses the problem - it apprently was first picked encountered in NT 4.0 - and has been carried to Windows 2000, and now is part of XP as well (unbelieveable this problem has been on record since 1997, and Microsoft has still not bothered to repair it - and it carries on to this day.)

    I have not found a resolution to this problem after searching google and altavista - or any notes on it with respect to 'endpoint format'. The recommended fixes for ISASS.exe problems don't work.

    I can boot into safe mode - and a couple days ago when I did a repair install - I started getting IRQ stack errors.

    Nonetheless - I booted from my cdrom and did a second repair installation - to no effect. I am still plagued by this endpoint format invalid problem.

    All I can tell is that it appears to have something to do with the registry. But reverting to an earlier backed up registry (I use WinRescue XP - highly recommended) or restoring the system does not seem to get past this problem.

    Has anyone encoutered the 'endpoint failure' problem?


    Thank you...

    Rob Snoozer :confused:
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