Encoding of video.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by GraLk, Nov 7, 2002.

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    Hope this is in the right forum area...mods, please move it if not, thx.

    I need help with finding a really good application for encoding movies recorded using my mini-dv camcorder.

    Of course, on XP machine I have WMM, but I need a good app for my 2K machiine, which is the more powerful one.
    My camcorder can output either usb or firewire. I need an encoder like wincoder but better.

    Any suggestions please.

    Thx :D

  2. yea i'd like one too. i really dont like using wmm but i cant find anything else that i could encode movies to normal avis using divx or something.
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    The best enoded ive used is Cinema Craft Encoder. I use it to re-encode dvds to a lower bitrate, you can even get to movies with .ac3 sound on 1 dvd-r with no noticeable quality drop. If you are using a digital cam you can import and encode .dv directly. Check out doom9.org for some excellent guides..
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    I found that the new WMV9 enocder (thinks it on www.windowsmedia.com ) did a great job of vob -> wmv in about 20 mins (tho timescale is obviously useless ... it uses wizards and did it in 0.5 realtime, I was very pleased with the result too...
    I still have the file... I was going for very lowfile size with ... viewable and audiable... movie here:

    (nasty scene from natural born killers so be advised... ashley judd getting stabs to death in a courtroom with a pencil... lovely!)
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    I have an Xp2100 and 512 mb of pc2100 and I get speeds of 1.4 X realtime which is excellent using Cinema Craft Encoder and avisynth as a frameserver. Takes around 1hr 15 mins to encode a 2 hr dvd. Check out doom9.org for the guides.