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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Gouk, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. Gouk

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    Why are most of my emulators trying to connect to the internet?

    I use ZoneAlarm Pro and this problem has been around for some time.

    These emulators don't even have any online play ability so why they are giving Firewall alerts I don't know.

    Take a look at the screenshot.
  2. Kuja

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    Virus, Trojan? who knows.... lol

    Did you scan them before running them?
  3. Gouk

    Gouk Guest

    Of course, all of the executables come from their official webpages.
  4. Gouk

    Gouk Guest

    Ok, I used the OpenPorts program and got the IP it connected to.

    Here is the WHOIS info:

    Result for
    OrgName: Microsoft Corp
    OrgID: MSFT
    Address: One Microsoft Way
    City: Redmond
    StateProv: WA
    PostalCode: 98052
    Country: US

    NetRange: -
    NetHandle: NET-207-46-0-0-1
    Parent: NET-207-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Assignment
    NameServer: DNS1.CP.MSFT.NET
    NameServer: DNS2.CP.MSFT.NET
    NameServer: DNS1.TK.MSFT.NET
    NameServer: DNS1.DC.MSFT.NET
    NameServer: DNS1.SJ.MSFT.NET

    Are Microsoft spying on me LOL!
  5. dubstar

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    Southern California
    my zsnes tries to connect too, but it has the feature to play online, but it tries just when i open it. i use ZoneAlarm (pro) also.