Empire Earth 2 - Review

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    While the graphis were a disappointment the actual game release is not quite as bad as the Demo. I still found myself having to squint and zoom in to see which units I was commanding. This is reminiscent of Sierra's Homeworld 2. Close up the graphics were good but zoomed out to a playing level they were disappointing.

    World Size
    The maps had a larger feel than the EE 1 maps. There was a lot more terrain detail than in EE 1. A map editor is included for "roll your own maps".

    User Interface
    Is more complicated than EE 1 but was useable. Again the graphics detail seemed inadequate causing eye strain on my 17 inch monitor. I suspect the game was intended for 19 inch monitors and the developers did not pay enough attention to making 17 inch play comfortable.

    Game Play
    Is at least as good as EE 1. IMO probably better than EE 2 due to a more complicated researching system and some additional unit control capabilities.

    Learning Curve
    Not as bad as we had first worried about considering how much more researching and area development is than EE 1. Myself and a buddy picked most of it up within the first 2 hours.

    Supports Internet Play on Servers or IP to IP play under LAN. Up to 10 playes allowed. A nice feature is that when a live player drops out his forces are taken over by the AI. Multiple types of treaties and allegiances are allowed with negotiated treaties. How much is my joining your team worth in resources and territory.

    Definitely a keeper if you like strategy games, but at what cost? I would never pay $50 due to the weak graphics. I probably would go for $35 on sale.
    A No CD hack is already circulating for those who hate CD swapping, but the rumor is the server based online play already has a patch to defeat the no cd.

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