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    I have a couple of questions about email. I received a spam email today and it said it was sent from one of my old email addresses to the same email address that I only use to receive email. I know I didn't send anything from this account. How can they use my email address in the from line? Is this just a trick or is this something I should report? Another problem I had was about 2 weeks ago I got some undelivered email back for some hotmail addresses I never heard of, they were supposed to be sent from the same email address as the spam I got today.
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    Well I had the same thing happen to me so I changed my password and it still happened, then I remember somebody telling me that there are ways to clone an email address so I figured that is what happened and just deleted the junk and that worry about. Well I'm sure somebody else can provide better information on this but I have heard that its possible to clone email address. I hope this helps.
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    Yes it does help; I feel a little better now. I just changed my password in-case someone got hold of it. I don't like the idea of someone using my email address. I don't like junk mail and would never send it to anyone else.
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    Yeah its easy to clone that why there are digital signatures etc. available now, I am currently sending out 18000 pretending to come from :s