Electronic Arts to Close Westwood Studios

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    Found this on Cinescape.com:

    As part of their quarterly earnings report, Electronic Arts announced that they will be consolidating its Los Angeles, Irvine and Las Vegas studios.

    They plan to form a new studio a studio in Los Angeles soon, but with the report of the closure in Las Vegas, this means that Westwood Studios, responsible for the COMMAND AND CONQUER series and the recent EARTH AND BEYOND, is no more. This means significant layoffs at the Las Vegas studio (which employees over 100 people), although some are eligible to be transferred to the new LA studio or EA's main headquarters in Redwood Shores. Westwood's only confirmed member to be going to the Los Angeles studio right now is Louis Castle, the founder of the studio. The final day for Westwood employees will be this Friday.

    Despite the closure of Westwood, EA has announced that they will continue to support the online RPG EARTH AND BEYOND and also that we haven't seen the last of the COMMAND AND CONQUER series.

    The new Los Angeles studio will open later this summer and will be home to 200 developers.

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    Well that speaks wonders for the shelf life of Generals, which isn't even out yet (has gone gold tho)