El Cheapo CDRs and 40x burning

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Gouk, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. Gouk

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    I just recently built my new PC and also fitted it with a 40x Plextor CDRW drive.

    I bought some cheap unbranded CDRs which had no burn speed rating on them and burnt some stuff on at 40x (MAX)

    To my surprise the burnt CDR works and data is readable off it.

    Does that mean all CDRs manufactured today are 40x compliant?
  2. npfanz

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    Possibly. The rating on the cds isn't always exact anyway, it is an estimate of what will speed will always result in a good burn. If you get nero it has a wonderful utility that will test the discs and find out what speed they can safely be burned at.
  3. Gouk

    Gouk Guest

    I have got nero (latest) but how can i check the speed of blank CDRs?

  4. omgsoup

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    how long

    so did it take liek a total of 40 seconds to make your CD?
  5. Gouk

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    No it was a 78 Min CD and i think it took 3 1/2 mins coz there is also a lead in and lead out delay time and spin up and spin down.

    oh and I used CDRWin 3.9A to burn the CD, thats why I dont know the exact amount of time it took to burn the CD.

    40x burns are not as fast as you thought.

    1 month ago I had a 8x burner, it was a Yamaha 8824E
  6. pc_tek

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    keep in mind... 2x rated cdr's will burn in a 40x cdrw drive. they will not be able to burn that fast though.

    as will 40x rated dcr's will burn in a 2x dcrw drive, but only burn at 2x.

    if you burned a 78 min cd (assuming just a data cd) in 3.5 minutes, i am guessing that the blank cdr disk are probably rated about 24x.

    my 3 cents!