eh, myspace..I'll love you forever if you help me!

Discussion in 'Web Design & Coding' started by MissNissan, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. MissNissan

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    Ok. I need to put videos from youtube in myspace messages for a awareness project. can anyone help me? I need for the video to show up ready to watch, instead of a link. I already know how to pust them in bulletins and in comments, but I need to actually have them in myspace messages.

    Can anyone help me please please please?
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  3. Petros

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    Click the share button on the video. Under the ''embed'' section is some html code you can paste on youtube.
  4. MissNissan

    MissNissan Baller.haha.

    OK. Well I looked at those sites and I didnt see anything about actual messages. Messages. Not bulletins blogs or comments. I guess it can't be done. :(
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    Myspace are well known for blocking content from 3rd party sites.
  6. MissNissan

    MissNissan Baller.haha.

    Yeah, I finally figured out that this can't be done. I give up. Damn. haha.

    Also, thank you everyone for trying to help. It was greatly appreciated!