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  1. Using Fooods breakout template (.psd) from www.foood.net I hope to create a breakout icon of the XP logoff icon. I changed the original circular icon breaking out to that of a square. I don't have photoshop, but I do have paint shop pro. I edited one of the layers in paint shop so it is the square logoff icon (orange w/ a white key). However, at this point I'm still left with a .psd template. Now I open up the template with a program called gif movie gear, but now the template has the square logoff icon layer cut to a circle, like the shape of the original circle icon busting out of the breakout layer. Is this some layer option not changeable by paint shop? Since I don't have photoshop, I don't think I can change it.

    So, can anyone give me some help? The current template.psd will be provided below? Can someone change the layer of the current icon so it won't be cut to a circle from a square (you'll get what I am describing when you see it if you can't imagine)? Or can you just tell me how to do it in Paint Shop Pro? I can still open up my edited .psd in paint shop, but it looks how it should end up being. Sorry for my lack of elaborative description skills. Thanks.

    Here is the original breakout template by foood.net:
    Breakout Template

    Here is my edited template with the xp logoff icon breaking out:
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    I'm not positive, as I'm not very good with Photoshop, but there was an extra layer called "Insert Icon"
    I think the template was designed for adding whatever you wanted in that layer then deleting the "Sample" layer (with the blue ball originally)

    I've deleted the "Sample" layer on yours. Maybe that fixed it.
    I put the file here: http://www.geocities.com/johnnygreb2000/