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Discussion in 'Web Design & Coding' started by Bman, Apr 2, 2008.

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    I am starting to sell items on ebay and I am looking for nice looking templates for my auction page. I am lazy and do not want to design my own, maybe customize a already built one. Now I searched on Google and didn't really find anything, everything looked like 1992 and ugly.

    Anyone here know of places I can find nice designed ones, or ideas?

  2. kcnychief

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    I have been using eBay for a long, long time. From a buyer perspective, I have to say I think templates are crap. Keep it simple, don't make it hard for customers to read the terms of your listing as well as the details. Most people don't really care about the crap in there, as long as they can come to a page and have all their questions answered about the product and your process without having to contact you - that's a good thing.

    I have a simple HTML page (I like colors ;)) that I copy/paste each time I make a listing. Basically it talks about shipping costs, times, delivery options, warranty, etc. I hardly ever get questions on my listings, and if I get a same question a lot I update the file.

    Just my .02


    If you want though, can also use this - http://www.frooition.com/ebay.php