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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by neo, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. neo

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    When I play any game mostly GTA3, Splinter Cell, UT2k3 or Raven Shield I get a beeping sould one long beep after another it's really irritating while playing the game I have to lower the volume of the speakes. I know It might be a hardware issue but it's happening only in the game. So I was just wondering anybody is having problem's like that.
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    I have an Audigy 2 and have no such problems..perhaps you should contact tech support for you card.
  3. neo

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    I have audigy gamer and I tried twice once they cut me off and next they told me to update the driver which I already did before calling them.
  4. Sazar

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    I get beeps.. but only when I am using my headphones...

    since one of my m8's kindly decided to squish my headphone cord a few months ago... I have some bare wire some place... and I normally attributed it to that.. but once during the beeps I turned my speakers on.. and it continued... so apparently it is the sound card.. and something weird with it...

    it only happens once every so often... dunno a solution...

    has not happened for a long time though..
  5. LeeJend

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    Have 2 gaming buddies who bought audigies. One loves it the other returned it because of setup issues and went with a santa cruz card. Neither had the beeping you described.

    Standard procedures are (assuming you haven't tried all this):
    Drivers First:
    Power down and physically remove the card.
    Reboot and uninstall all audio drivers and sound card programs.
    Reboot again and make sure they are really gone.
    Follow the Audigy install instructions exactly (like when to load drivers and when to physically install the card).

    Hardware Interrupt Conflict:
    Also, check your Interrupt request assignments (IRQ) use Sisoft Sandra (or Windows control panel system hardware device manager) to make sure the audio and video cards are not using the same IRQ. If they are move the audio card to another PCI slot (the last one usually gets recommended to avoid conflicts).

    If neither of those fixes work think Santa Cruz...