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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Silvio, Aug 7, 2003.

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    Im using XP and had a virus problem, i cleaned it out but left my system with some "wounds":D , so i´ld like to make a format and reinstall xp, ive done that before, but was kinda messy since i couldnt make the "usual floppy way" work in XP (i think i finally did it with the XP CD), since it took me some time to make it work, i´d like to make it faster and secure this time, so:
    can any of you be kind and give me some simply directions ( in the xp cd way, NOT the floppy way) on how to:
    Format c disk (wich options to choose, how to start it from the cd, etc)
    So i could make a clean and full install of XP (with this i think i´ll have no problems)
    (Btw i have a 40 G disk)
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    Make sure you have a bootable xp cd, and boot from the cd. It will ask you where you want to install it, etc then it gives you the choice of the partition. Choose Format with the NTFS parition and format the drive, dont do the quick version either because it might miss something. It takes a total of about 10-15 minutes to format depending on the speed of your comp and the size of the hd. Then continue with the XP install and you will have it installed on a fresh hd.
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    And to boot from CD:

    Insert XP into CD drive.
    Repeated hit the "delete" key during boot.
    Should take you to bios.

    In bios change the "first boot" to cd-rom. (I've had to change all three to cd-rom before, just so you know)

    Save and exit.
    Should reboot automatically.
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    Well really I have a simple TXT file on how to do this!
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    Check this guide out over here. It's for dual boot but you should be able to follow it.