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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dogfighter, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. Dogfighter

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    I have just been on the Roxio web site to see if I could get an upgrade for Easy CD Creator 4. As I would like to use my CD RW for dragging and dropping into. It says, “There are no updates to make Easy CD Creator 4 compatible with Windows XP.” Is this true, what if I tried to run it in windows 98 compatibility mode. I have got a full version that I paid good money for and I think they should have upgraded me for free. But they want $70 for version 6.:mad:
  2. RogerPhillis

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    Roxio have never been generous with upgrades for exisiting customers.
    East Cd Creator 4 does not work with XP nor does early versions of 5, although the later updates were fully compatible.
    Roxio seem to give only about 30% concession to existing subscribers for purchasing completely new versions.
    I paid about £33 instead of £49 for version 6.
    All updates for version 6 are then free (!) until version 7 comes out.
  3. Vector_One

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    Roxio (or Adaptec) Easy CD Creator 4 was developed before XP existed. So it wouldn't be able to run on XP.

    As far as upgrades, you'll find that all companies charge for upgrades to new versions of their software. If they didn't, what would be the motivation to develop upgrades? And what would pay for all the development costs?

    You could try running it in compatibility mode, but with a program as vast and complicated as Easy Cd Creator, I doubt it would work. Compatibility mode was made to run simple programs. But it's worth a shot, I suppose.
  4. Dogfighter

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    Wales UK
    Looks like I will have carry on using Nero 5.5 then and forget about the drop and drag thing:D
  5. Lee G

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    When 5 came out it took a lot of programming by adaptec to fix problems with 5 to work on xp.

    Version 4 maybe an o.e.m. you received with burner.

    Try a trial of nero 6, if happy keep it (register it). I use roxio 6, I like it, nero is a bit bloated for my liking.
  6. dreamliner77

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    If you use InCD from nero you will be able to drag and drop.
  7. Adrenalize

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    Drop that sorry ezcd and go with nero
  8. lechtard

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    EZCD Creamator, EZPC Crasher is crap - Garbage - Trash - Rubbish - Fake - A Foney - A cd burner wantabe, Drop the peace of trash and go with a real Cd Burner prog and don't wasting your time on a prog that tries to pass itself off as something it's not .. EZCD is to cd burning like AOL is to ISP's - It's the for the completely computer illiterate :D

    Nero can do ten times more than EZCD Crapper ever could .. About the only thing EZCD is better than nero at is making coasters ..
  9. Vector_One

    Vector_One Guest

    I use Easy CD Creator, so I guess I'm computer illiterate. Damn, that sucks. All that money wasted on my Master's degree in CIS.

    Oh well ...

  10. G-Money

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    I must say, nero is a much better program then ezcd ! And with incd you can drag and drop all you want !

    But hey, thats just me ! :cool:
  11. Lee G

    Lee G Guest

    List 10 things Nero can do better than easy CD Creator from roxio.

    Lets start with both their build currently 6.XXXX
  12. oldmusicman

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    Try the compatibility mode. I have Guitar Tracks, and they told me it wouldn't work. I used the '98 mode, and it works just fine. Try it. Peace Hippie
  13. lechtard

    lechtard Guest

    • Nero can burn images other than just ISO files
    • Nero can create images other than just ISO files
    • Nero can make audio cd's better
    • Nero can rip cd's better with more options other than just MP3 or WMA
    • Nero dose'nt use any many resources
    • Nero can make Multisession cd's better
    • Nero can actually burn a cd on the first try - as with ezcd you have to use about 20 to get a good one out of it
    • Nero don't crash as soon as you start it up
    • Nero Don't take over your system like ezcd does
    • When you uninstall nero is don't piss and whine like a little child and force you to do a reformat ..
    • Nero Loads faster than EZCD
    • Nero don't stop you from ripping copy protected cd's
    • Nero can make SVCD cd's
    • Nero can VCD cd's
    They have made changes to six - I do like it a little more than I liked 5 but in any case, Nero is better than EZCD ever was and will always be better ..
  14. lechtard

    lechtard Guest

    A degree don't mean squat these days - If you were a die hard burner you would'nt be using EZCD, you would use ones that give you more options than it does. If you are just burning basic things then maybe it would work for you, but in any case there are better choices out there than ezcd ..
  15. Lee G

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    I guess you have not used Roxio 6 then. I will add also you make an issue to do with a computer illiterate. You ought to render your posts in future and correct your poor use of the English language.

    If you have to reformat and cannot install an application correctly first then I would furthermore add, go put on the hat, the one with the big 'D' on it and go sit in the corner and suck your thumb.

    I run my system the way I wish it to. Roxio nor any other application does as it is told to do.

    Ohh I didn't realise nero deleted the windows directory when it was first released as version 6.

    You have made me think...nah I won't call you a retard as you might be offended.
  16. lechtard

    lechtard Guest

    It is quite obvious to me that the only thing you ever used was ezcd and nothing else - it is also obvious that you don't like to hear any critism when it comes to a prog that you like .. I am not saying not to use it. If you want to use it go right ahead - I don't force people what to do or use on there system, if they want to screw them up then it there choice - That is the only way they will learn.

    Maybe you should start testing progs and such before you come to conclusions about them. I know about the bug that nero had when 6 first came out, they fixed it as soon as they found it. EZCD has had bugs every since it was created and gets more with every release.
  17. Lee G

    Lee G Guest


    I have used nero as indicated in recent posts. Nero came as an o.e.m. with my dvd burner RICOH MP512A about 20 months ago.

    I don't like Nero. I like Roxio easy cd creator 6. I have used easy cd creator from version 2.

    Let me think....You are one of these users that formats their HD every month or so as you cannot stick to what works for me attitude.
  18. lechtard

    lechtard Guest

    Ya know pal you are really starting to piss me off here. How old are you ?? 15 ?? you are acting just like a little kid ..

    I do not reformat my pc every month., I do it every six months whether it needs it or not. And it's fine that you used garbage that would explain your temperment and your attitude to something else, You appearently could'nt figure out how to use nero. Maybe if you would read the instruction manual .. But anyhow I am done with a brainless twit like you, now go back to your little dvd burner, and act like you are cool becasue you can copy things .. Impressive is'nt it ?? Now you can tell all your high school buddies that you are cool .. I bet you also have AOL as your ISP lol ...
  19. Lee G

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    I am not your pal.

    I am not an American.

    I am not 15, au contrare it's you that acts like a teenager.

    Go get layed.
  20. Vector_One

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    A die-hard burner???

    Well, I guess I'm not one of those. Easy CD Creator is just fine for my needs.

    I'll refrain from commenting about "A degree don't mean squat", because I wouldn't even know where to begin with that one.