Easiest way to chop an .mpeg file

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  1. I've got a 757mb .mpeg file that I need to fit on to 2 CD's because my burner doen't support over burn and I havn't got any 800mb CD's.

    I've got AVI chop which is all good for this sort of thing and works pretty much every time, I've looked about for the same thing for .MPEG but can't find anything, can some 1 suggest the most simplest easiest and quickest way to chop this .MPEG file.


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    Your going to need a movie editor, there are several out there, do a search for them.

    I like Ulead Video Studio myself, but it costs money, seen a freeware program that will do it somewhere at download.com, do a search there.

    Cheapest and easiest way to do it, is run down to the store and buy an 800 MB CD, I wouldn't fudge around with it meself.

    good luck

  3. i know for sure that there's avi splitter. never had to wonder about mpeg. but go to www.vcdhelper.com then go to tools there and look for mpeg spliter i think it should be there. if not check out dvd.box.sk
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    ps. program is very simple and easy to use. plus its free:D
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    just go into mpeg tools and merge and cut.
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    :eek: opps yeah guess i should have said something about that !
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    you could use Vdub and convert it to avi then use the program u already have. Just a sugestion.
  9. vdub seemed to work ok but the quality of the film wasn't great to start with so converting to .avi lost more quality so in the end I used MyFlix 3 to chop the .MPEG and it seems to have worked fine, easy to use aswell :)

    cheers lads