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    This years E3 turned out great.... Here is what each company unleashed upon the world.

    Microsoft Xbox - Halo 2, Fable, Counter-Strike, Half Life 2, Starcraft:Ghost, Deus Ex:The Invisible War, Ninja Gaiden, Freedom:Soildiers of Liberty, X-Men Legends, Armed and Dangerous, Full Spectrum Warrior, Breakdown, Dino Crisis 3, Project Gotham Racing 2, True Fantasy Live ONline, True Crime, Thief III, and Advent Rising.

    Sony PS/PS2- Grand Tourismo 4, Tony Hawks Underground, MGS3:Snake Eater, SSX 3, Socom II, Spiderman 2, Jak II, The Prince of Persia:The Sands of Time, RE:Outbreak, NFS:Undderground, Monster Hunter, FFX-2, TMNT, Onimusha 3, Syphon Filter:The Omega Strain, and MoH:Rising Sun.

    Nintendo GC- Mario Kart:Double Dash, Viewtiful Joe, F-Zero GX, Rogue Squadron III, Soul Calibur II, FF:Crystal Chronicles, MGS:The Twin Snakes, RE-4, Geist, Pikmin 2, Pac-Man, Mario Golf:Toadstool Tour, Kirby Air Ride, Beyond Good & Evil, Sphinx, and Wrestlemania XIX.

    GBA - Super Mario Bros 3, Metroid: Zero Mission, FF:Tactics, Fire Emblem, Mario & Luigi, Pokemon Pinball, Sword of Mana, Onimusha Tactics, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cima, Harvest Moon, Boktai, Mario and DK, Mother 1 & 2.

    Which company(ies)/consoles had the best showing at E3?

    post edited to clarify that Microsoft means Microsoft Xbox, Sony means the playstation and so on... so forth... edited for clarity by your friendly neighborhood mod... Sazar :cool:
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    microsoft had half life 2??? i thougut that was a valve production????
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    enough said!

    for me, at least. :p
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    Ninja Gaiden looks GREAT
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    IRT canadiandivx

    They dont own HL2, but it is being released onto the x-box.
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    Re: IRT canadiandivx

    I edited your post to make it clearer...