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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Lithium, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. Lithium

    Lithium Guest

    well im looking for an e-mail server program so i can host my own e-mail server so any idea's would be nice thanks
  2. JJB6486

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  3. Lithium

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    thanks man ill check them out and let ya know how it goes oh have you used either of these before?
  4. exchange 2000 is what i use on my server at home....... oh you mean affordable .....:D :eek: well nevermind;)
  5. noah472

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    Is it just for outgoing mail? if so then postcast is an excellent free smtp mail server program, very easy use and very reliable.

    The url for it is here: http://www.postcastserver.com/

    I have used it quite a lot for variouse bits and bobs and not had any probs!
  6. Lithium

    Lithium Guest

    well what im looking for is something like hotmail eh but i know its goin to cost a grip for software unless theres free ones but i want to run an e-mail server not a client type program so if anyone finds one let me know