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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by LG-Music, Mar 7, 2002.

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    Hello. I had an old computer with two Hard Disks. One is for System (C) and the other is for Data (D). Hard Disk D was a Dynamic Disk with one volume, 40GB. I bought a new motherboard with new CPU. After installing all these and one of the HDs (C), I installed new Windows Xp. Until now, everything is OK. Then I installed other HD (D) and pressed on the [Import Foreign Disk] in the Disk Management Program. After that I saw drive (D) with all contents on it. Later my computer goes to Stand-By mode and when it came back I couldn-t see the contents of HD (D). In Disk Management Program it says that the disk is Dynamic Online, but it is not an NTFS file system. When I click in My Computer on drive (D) it says, that drive is unreadable or unknown. I tried many ways to correct this problem, but nothing helps. Please Help. Thanks.
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    Instead of having it set to a dynamic disk have you used disk management to convert it to a basic disk? this can be done with no dataloss and should help solve the problem :)
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    I've got the same problem, but when I go into Disk Manager and try to convert the Dynamic Disk it warns me that I will lose my data!!!!

    Can I convert my disk without losing the data?