DVD-Squeeze: how accurate are the claims?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by muzikool, Mar 5, 2003.

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    I'm looking for some unbiased opinions of the DVD-Squeeze software. Here is one of the claims from the company's website: "No Image Loss! Same as original DVD!" How can they advertise that a compressed video file suffers from no image loss? Last I checked that was pretty much impossible. I am curious as to whether the software is easy to use, and if it produces good VCD files as quickly as it claims: "You're not going to find an easier, more complete or more advanced way to copy all your DVD movies to CD, WE GUARANTEE IT!" I am interested in finding software that I can use to store backups of my DVDs on my computer, and I would like to know if this software is worthwhile. Anybody think that it is?
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    Caps mate

    It all depends on the compression algorithm.

    Its like WinZip. It compresses without loss of quality.

    Theres also an audio format for compressing without loss. Its called Monkey Audio and of course you could never get them to be the size of mp3's they are significantly smaller than the original.

    I have never heard or used DVD Squeeze. I prefer to use a high quality DivX rip for DVD Backups. Never had a problem with that
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    I've used DVD2SVCD, but didn't like it. Besides, I'm not even sure if my DVD player will play SVCDs. mbunny, I haven't heard of Monkey Audio, but I have used Shorten (SHN), which compresses with lossless quality. I know that VCDs are not lossless though, yet DVD-Squeeze compresses into lossless VCDs? I prefer DivX as well, but that format won't play on a DVD player. If I damage my DVD, I want to have a backup to burn and play on the player. Until I get a DVD burner, I need an alternate route.
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    See if they have a demo. Or if they don't have a demo version. Just crack it. If your gonna pay for something you better damn well be sure it does what it claims it can do.

    DivX are working on DVD Chips so that you can play DivX files. I know i'll buy one when its available =)
  6. there is no way in hell you can compress a dvd into a vcd and not lose quality. the best way is divx but if you want to watch them on dvd players u might want to take a look at xVCD's.

    take a look at www.dvdrhelp.com or www.vcdhelp.com (same site), youll find everything you need.

    try using TmpgEnc for VCD's.
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    use eazy vcd its the best al u have to do is select what type of cd u want, svcd vcd xvcd xsvcd and the the output format as in mpg files or bin and cue (bin and cue are images for burning) and then click on go THATS IT! it has all the programs that are needed to do it and it automatically does the whole job without you touching anything. its truely amazing and its free!

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    If they Claim That Then Why were DVDs invented (fools) that dont fool no one that knows that DVD holds more info than cd.

    ...answering your question i suppose you just gotta try them all out see which one has best "Looking" quality:blink:
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    if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    average cd = 700mb

    average dvd = 4.9gb

    do the math.
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    Right, I know that there is no way to have a DVD-quality VCD. I just don't know how this company is able to get away with such a blatant lie! I would use the software if it was extremely efficient and produced good results, but I would not expect it to look like a DVD in the end. themafia_69, I will give Eazyvcd a shot... it sounds great if it's really that easy. Thanks!
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    u can fit about 40 minutes of DVD quality video on 1 svcd u can fit 40 minutes of slightly less then DVD quality and average sound on 1 svcd so take the two towers movie for example fits on 4 cd'r at 800megs a piece (goes by file time not size) each cd has 40 minutes of movie and average sound no 5.1 nothing that great. but the video is damn close to DVD no artifacts nothing. go to http://www.vcdquality.com/ and see what they say they usally ahve some good info.
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    If I remember rightly, DVD Squeeze is just a package of smaller programmes (one of which happens to be EasyDivX) - I think I used it once and didn't find it to be anywhere near the quality of DVD2SVCD, which I use regularly and have no probs with.
    Sorry I cant be anymore specific, was a while ago and I only used it the once :rolleyes:
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    Thanks for the info anyway, I doubt I will look into the program.